Fading to Black (Uninhibited #2) – Playlist





  1. All of Me: If I had to pick just one song for this playlist, it would be this song. Almost every lyric represents the type of love Adam and Evie share. If you’ve read the book, I’m sure you can guess the chapter in which I had this song playing on repeat.
  2. Save The Night: To be honest it’s not the lyrics of this song which call to me, it’s the rhythm, the beat, which screams of a person despairing and so desperately trying to make something good, out of a bad decision. I think Evie feels this way early in the story, especially in regards to the decision she made about her relationship with Adam, at the end of Waking to Black (Uninhibited #1).
  3. Greyhound: The first hot-sexy-steamy interlude between Adam and Evie was written with this song blasting in my ear… Enough said.
  4. Sandcastles: I’m a huge Beyoncé fan. The gritty aspect of her voice, which is showcased in this song, is gorgeous to me. Though not every lyric works for Adam and Evie, a few of them are perfect, “And your heart is broken, cause I walked away. Show me your scars and I won’t walk away.” <—— Very much what Evelyn has often thought in terms of her relationship with Adam.
  5. This Time: The lyrics are SPOT-ON, in terms of what Evelyn feels early in the story towards her relationship with Adam. Fading to Black (Uninhibited #2), is very much a second-chance romance.
  6. Wings: When Adam was showing Evelyn the project, he had worked on throughout their five-month separation, I was listening to this song.
  7. The Power of Love: Love is beautiful, it’s healing, “a force from above,” that does soothe and clean the soul.
  8. Dream: This song is all about Adam. The lyrics “I want to dream, leave me to dream,” is something I’ve often thought is relevant to Adam and his perspective about life. He can be a cynical man, but something pure is born from his association with Evelyn, she’s able to make him dream again.
  9. Love On The Brain: I love the statement about love this song makes. “It beats me black and blue but it…” That line alone speaks to me. Love is wonderful, but it does hurt at times, it can beat you black and blue.
  10. Wild Horses: Some of the saddest moments I’ve written in this book, were written when this song was playing. It’s a beautiful song.
  11. Guilty: Unfortunately, Evelyn does have insecurities—an issue she’s improved upon since Waking to Black (Uninhibited #2). However, sometimes those ugly insecurities shown themselves and when they do, I’m often listening to this song.
  12. Pray: Sex. This song screams of sex. Both the acoustic and original, screams of sex.
  13. This Love: It’s not the lyrics of this song which I really like, but the slow, mellow melody. I listened to it often when writing some of the more emotionally charged scenes in this book.
  14. Never Tear Us Apart: Adam and Evelyn are without-a-doubt “Two worlds colliding.”
  15. The Way It Ends: The hardest chapter to write in this book, perhaps the hardest to read, I wrote with this song playing in my ear. Evie gets into a bad situation in this book (towards the end). It’s a moment when her strength shines. I think of the lyrics, as Evelyn’s dad talking to her, calming and reassuring her through a really horrible moment. That may sound morbid, but as I’ve mentioned in interviews before, my father and Evelyn’s father are in many respect similar… It just works for me.
  16. Selfish: Another wonderful song that I love listening to when writing something sexy.
  17. Kissing You: I wouldn’t be able to end this list without putting this song. I’ve loved this it since I was fifteen. I listened to it while writing the last scenes of Fading to Black (Uninhibited #2)… and with that I’ll dim the lights and FADE to black.
***As always thanks for reading, caring, and loving these characters I’ve created.

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