Waking to Black (Uninhibited #1) Playlist


  1. This World: This song is about hoping for a better future, and the desire to find what many of us want—love and happiness. The lyrics make me think about Evelyn.
  2. My Body Is a Cage: The version I prefer is Peter Gabriel’s rendition, because it’s beautifully dramatic and somber. The lyrics speak for themselves.
  3. Halo: The melody is awesome! Though the reason I think the song worked for me when writing, was because both Adam and Evelyn, were falling for each other, they were each other’s saving grace.
  4. U-Turn: Evelyn, is constantly in my head-space. Though she doesn’t do drugs, as the song mentions, her past has secrets and scars that prevent her from being happy. I love the fact that Adam sees the beauty within her.
  5. Silver Lining (crazy ’bout you): I love this song! Don’t we all feel a bit crazy at times? Don’t we all fall hard for the people we love? Don’t we all want to fall that hard? Obviously, I do.
  6. For the First Time: For me, this song is about both Evelyn and Adam. Love, exposes us, and it takes us home.
  7. Bleeding Love: I actually mention this song in the book—so I’m sure you all can guess the scene this song inspired.
  8. Fire Breather: Adam feels dangerous to Evelyn. Her reaction to him, terrifies her, so of course he seems, too much. She’s not sure she will survive him. And if all of that was not enough, the song is sexy-as-hell.
  9. Tightrope: When we’re in love, the fear of losing that person is real and at times it can feel as if you’re walking on a tightrope. Don’t look down guys… I try not to.
  10. Relax, Take It Easy: Again, I name this song in the book, so it’s easy to guess when I was playing the song.
  11. Bones: This song screams of sex. It’s more about Adam, than Evelyn for me. It’s about how he makes her feel, and the fact that he is reluctant to reveal his own scars.
  12. Believe: Sometimes we need to convince ourselves to take risks, to plunge into the unknown. Sometimes we need to convince those we love to take a risk, and we need to make them believers. I think this is true of both Adam and Evelyn.
  13. Barroco: I had to put at least one piano melody in this playlist because the truth is I listen to many piano orchestrations when writing. It’s relaxing.
  14. Stay: I think both Adam and Evelyn can be considered flawed, beautifully broken, and worth fighting for. They see the flaws in each other and they still want to stay and fight for what they have.
  15. Little House: I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s all Evie.
  16. How to Save a Life: For me this song more than anything else, is about the relationship Evelyn had with her father.
  17. Losing My Religion: Who loves REM? I do! This song blows my mind. Our lives are so much more than our simple everyday interactions, and yet those interactions matter so much. The way we talk to the lady manning the cash-register, that small smile you offer, might be the only one she sees all day. Haven’t we all at some point felt as if we’ve reached the end of our rope? I have, and I know many of my characters have felt the same way.
  18. Epiphany: The original name for Waking to Black, was Epiphany, so it’s fitting at least to me, that this song worked it’s way into my playlist.
  19. Feel: I love the beat of this song as well as the lyrics. I think it works for both Evelyn and Adam.
***I Will Wait, by Sad Robot, is not on this list—but if I had to pick a song that means the most to me, in regards to WAKING to Black, it would be this song.
(Photo by Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash)

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