Exciting News!

Christmas always makes me optimistic. So this past Christmas I decided to submit my books to writing competitions advertised by Romance Writers of America (RWA). I’ve been a proud member of RWA since before I published and if you plan on being a romance author I think they are an incredible organization to be associated with.

As the year progressed I actually forgot about these competitions until I received an e-mail stating that Fading to Black (Uninhibited #2), was a finalist in the New England Readers Choice Award under the erotic romance category. Suffice to say I was ecstatic. Even if I don’t win the honor of being a finalist is huge to me.

New England Readers Choice – Finalists

New England

Again this passing weekend I was surprised to get another e-mail stating that in the Write Touch Readers’ Award Contest, I also placed as a finalist in the erotic romance category with not only Waking to Black (Uninhibited #1), but Fading to Black (Uninhibited #2).

Write Touch Readers’ Choice Award – Finalists


I’m so excited about these awards!

***Some readers have been wondering when Surrendering to Black (Uninhibited #3) will be published. I am busy working on that book so the conclusion of the Uninhibited Series is satisfying.

I feel a great sense of responsibility to my readers. You all have been with me from the start and I don’t want to let you down. I know you are anxious for the book but I rather produce something you all will love than rush and not do Adam and Evelyn justice.


With so much love!

V.H. Luis



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